Your Bad Choices Are YOUR Fault, Not Socities!

When did responsible citizens become responsible for the bad choices of others?

I don’t want to help out people who continually make bad choices, who choose booze and drugs, I don’t want to fund college for stupid kids who have stupid parents!

Help yourself, dig yourself out of your self created shit!

It’s not my responsibility to fund your lifestyle, your housing, your food, your medical, or your education.

If you live in a violent city, move!

If you live in a rural area with little economic growth, move!

Bus tickets are cheap!

If you work in a Dollar Store, and have for the past 10 years and are still not a manager, you have a sucky work ethic or are just stupid.

Foreigners move to the ghetto open stores in high risk areas, work hard than get out and move to a safer environment, but for the residents born and raised in the ghetto they an’t find opportunity.¬†

MOST minimum wage earning adults are cigarette smokers, drink, and own cell phones, and big tv’s!

Right now democrats want to eliminate ALL college debt, which means tax payers take a hit.

How can these dumb kids think they will have a higher earning potential taking out a $100,000 to study drama, or race relations?

Should the people who didn’t go to college who have less education and less income potential have to pay for the idiots who have more “education” and more income potential?

If you answered yes, you need a bat to the head!

If college debt is eliminated, than I want my mortgage debt eliminated!

Let’s stop rewarding the stupid and weak for constant bad life choices and let them be held accountable for their fucked up choices!

Johnny Grube 


  1. Excellent post Johnny, you are on fire at the moment!

    Would be great to see you doing some rant videos on these topics on your YouTube channel like before.


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