Your Bad Choices Impact Others!

If I say something that offends you it’s because you are probably the type of person I write about.

If you drink, do drugs, are fucking fat, spend your money on cell phones, cigarettes and cable tv and take the bus because you make little money, it’s ALL your fault, they are ALL your choices!

So why do some many feel entitled to tax payer money to bail them out?

Are you still a kid who isn’t capable of living on your own?

People who choose to live like shit and expect others to feel sympathy for all their bad choices are complete scumbags!

If you overdose on the street I do not think tax payers should save your life.

If you get sick from smoking I don’t think you should be able to receive any tax payer healthcare!

If you have cable tv, cell phones, smoke and drink I don’t think you should receive tax payer welfare.

In the past people were ashamed to be on welfare, today with lack of pride these people have no problem taking from others who earn their money, they are not ashamed, they feel entitled, and a lot train their kids to think it’s their right to sponge off hard working people.

They are fucking parasites!

Selfish people who don’t care about you or your family, so why help their family, they give nothing!

The low of the low! The valueless. The worthless.

Here is a good example. There is a church I ride by a lot and they post a sign out front “Food Pantry” and the date, today was one of those days.

Every time I ride by on these days every car in the parking lot is a newer model and can guarantee they have a car payment, and a cell phone.

There are actually people who need this food, if you pay a car payment you should be able to buy food.

But, they think it’s smarter to have a car payment instead of buying food. These are the people should be ashamed!

What does this have to do with training?

People who are strong would almost would NEVER accept this unless absolutely necessary!

Welfare and things like food pantries are for people who need real help, and it should be temporary, NOT a lifestyle!

But, people are being brainwashed into thinking it is okay, to be taken care of by the government, it’s NOT! It’s weakness!

People who train usually have a little pride, choose to work, and support themselves.

When you allow your physical body to go, your mind already checked out.

These people make bad choices, they make excuses, they validate their failure, they continually look for sympathy and as long as they get sympathy they can never rebound!

These people impact our lives negatively! Do NOT associate with these people! They are the reason for a weakening society!

Strong people fight out of the problems they cause themselves, they never look for sympathy for bad choices they get to work being a man!

Johnny Grube


  1. People have such a fucked up sense of values. It is a FACT that poor people are more likely to drink , smoke , take drugs , gamble , have tattoos and piercings and get fat , then they complain they got no money….could that be because they had it but wasted it all ??? So why should any decent working person support their irresponsible lifestyle? No reason at all
    Another thing , here in England literally every big supermarket has a collection point for the local foodbank . What I can’t work out is, if all these people are too poor to buy food , how come there are more fat bastards than ever?
    People won’t work , fine , let them starve. Drink smoke drug or eat themselves to death , great, go ahead , one less useless mouth to feed

  2. “if you are fat and weak, its your fault”- j. grube. HAHAHAHAHAHHA truth.
    grube breaking down the basics of personal responsibility.
    another classic post.
    thanks again.

  3. Andrew stone says

    I am also from the UK.
    Totally agree with rob.

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