Your Body Is Your Kingdom

Fitness guru and legend Jack Lalanne said ” Exercise is King, Nutrition is Queen”

I believe the above saying to be true, it’s hard to have one with out the other.
It’s no good to exercise and then sit down and eat unnatural foods. It also
makes no sense to eat good and let your muscles get soft and weak from lack
of exercise.

Many men and women will have you believe that it’s okay to eat bad as long
as they exercise, and this maybe true in the beginning but somewhere down the
road you will pay the big price of weakness,sickness and disease.

Our bodies and minds can not be duplicated, you could never put a price on it.
If you could, it would be worth billions of dollars that’s how amazing the mind
and body are.

So why do so many people abuse the most priceless thing they own? How do
you treat your pets? Your home? Your car? All can be replaced, you can’t.

What will it cost you in the long haul? High medical costs and high prescription
costs your life. You can ask anyone who has treated their body like a garbage
disposal and has paid the price with their health and the high cost of health and
prescription costs.

This is real, it happens every single day. People are cheating themselves into
thinking they are invincible and all you need to do is look around and you can
see there are not a lot of supermen walking around.

I said it before if you do what everyone else does you will get the same results. You
need to step out, be your own person and decide I will not be like everyone else, I
will to be different.

Living a healthy and active life should be your biggest concern, because without
it your dead. Become a lot more active and eat as much natural food you can.

Eat as much natural  food as possible. Exercise everyday.  Two things that
will change your life.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Basically in agreement. Many men have thrived and grown strong on simple diets including grains and potatoes. The UK prisoner Bronson is off the charts fit on what he calls “prison swill”. We need food as fuel. Many fraudsters in health food racket scare us into thinking we need “natural” foods as they define them. Fact is that what is available in grocery store from oatmeal, eggs, fruits, vegetables offers wide variety of good stuff as long as we avoid the obvious crap like cookies, candy, cake, pie and worst of all: soda.

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