Your Politics Probably Are A Big Factor In Your Testosterone.

Studies show men who support socialism are weaker men. 

Men who vote Democrat probably have lower levels of testosterone.

I believe this to be true.

Men who support socialism think they will be taken care of by the government.

This is weakness, expecting to be taken care of by someone else.

I ‘ve heard a strongman praising socialism because if he gets hurt he can still get treatment, free.

First, it isn’t free their massive taxes pay for medical care, second if they are always hurt they’re probably a big pussy who lacks durability and is taking juice.

That brings me to President Trump.

Trump may be the toughest man alive.

For 30 years people loved him, especially democrats. Gangsta rappers sang songs with Trump lyrics.

I bet it was mostly democrats who watched Trumps tv show the apprentice.

Now, President Trump is attacked non stop daily, like no other President in history.

And his haters are the people that loved him for many years.

They squeal everyday how immoral Trump is while the news media and Hollywood protect child rapists and sex offenders.

Trump is a strong man, and weak people are threatened by strength, and Trump represents the strongest of America, Middle America.

Let’s face it, Trump haters are men and women who train at degenerate gyms like Planet Fitness or sit in faggy coffee shops like Starbucks drinking $6.00 ball sack shriveling lattes.

And to the guy who tells me it’s only $10 a month you are weak.

But it’s not about Trump, it’s how he showed how weak society actually is, how mentally incompetent and pathetic they are.

It showed the real mental illness in society.

I believe Trump actually raised the testosterone levels of some men and erased the testosterone in low testosterone males.

I like Trump because he non stop fights.

My political view is leave me the fuck alone, don’t push your degenerate lifestyles and mental sickness on society.

If I impacts my life, it’s my business. Identifying as a women but you are a man is your business, I wouldn’t talk to you, but it’s your right to be mentally ill.

It becomes my problem when you tell me I need to accept your mental derangement as normal, it will not happen.

Strength always wins out over weakness.

Johnny Grube


  1. I get the impression that Trump has polarised people , everyone seems to have a strong opinion about him. I think this is s good thing , separates the strong from the weak.
    I agree about weak men supporting socialism. I believe they are weak in every way ,, physically, intelectually , morally and emotionally
    Yes, there is a big difference between accepting someone’s lifestyle in private and having it forced on you.Legal homosexuality between consenting adults ,okay , some people are born that way , fine, but promoting it as a desrable choice to five year olds at school is sick.

  2. They don’t like Trump but idolize Celebrities such as Tyler Perry who plays Madea films . A man dressing as a female and is considered inspirational . This is the pathetic society we live in these days . When I was growing up if I watched anything like that or spoke of it my uncle’s told me turn that faggot shit off . Today it’s laughed at hysterical among the whole household of people and promoted . Even look at the men women go after these days , weak soft men that can’t provide , protect nor even fuck .

    @Rob ….

    As of your comment , excellent comment . However I disagree with what you said as of them being born that way . All roads lead to parenting , how the child is raised , what they watch , the toys they play with even down to the colors they wear (this is vitally important if raising a boy , the color wearing I’m speaking of) Overall great comment and Great article by John . Definitely shows testosterone levels for sure .

  3. Hello Chuck . I certainly would not argue with any of that. When I wrote some PEOPLE are born that way I should have specified some HOMOS are born that way. I do think some people have their brains wired wrong but they are a tiny minority. I believe most gays are made or chosen not born. They basically admit this themselves when they call it a lifestyle.

  4. Johnny,

    Never trust Donald Trump. He works for Israel.

    The same family that created the state of Israel is the same family that controls the British monarchy.

    The Unites States of America as a Republic does not exist. What exists is the United States Corporation. The American government is s privately owned company. This is owned by the City of London Corporation.

  5. Paul, I say I like the way Trump takes no shit. Make no mistake I trust NO one, especially in politics, just using Trump as an example.

  6. When gays talk with a lisp, they chose the lifestyle. I personally know a girl who is sometimes with girls, sometimes with men. Most of it is a choice.

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