You’re Weak Because The Man In The Mirror Knows You’re A Chump!

So many men are just weak physically and mentally and still scream bad ass!

My whole life has been blue collar, and fucking proud!

Most gym training makes men weak outside the gym. The gym is a safe space for guys who get injured picking up their six year old!

Try 100 Superman Pushups wearing a 30 lb Back Pack in six minutes.

What’s even more embarrassing are weak men who tell me how strong they are, when we had better gym numbers in 10th grade.

Strength always starts in the mind, some are wired for more pain than others.

Some take being a man serious, most cringe and get offended at the thought they are a weak man.

Men that scream disrespect are rarely strong men, their mind is fragile.

A strong man knows it takes daily effort to be strong physically and mentally an he knows it takes constant hard work and evaluation!

Don’t cry to me if you’re weak and offended because you are failing as a man, blame that weak bitch in the mirror!

The guy looking back in the mirror knows you’re a chump!

Get tougher, get harder stop making excuses!

Johnny Grube


  1. More harsh truth for those who can face it. Toughening up starts with being honest about yourself. So many people live in a world of delusion.
    As for disrespect , well , anyone accuses me of disrespect I ask what they did to deserve my respect’ ,fuck all is the answer ,you get the respect you earn.
    To me gettign tougher is an endless process , if you ever think to yourself you are tough enough you have failed.You have to be hard on yourself but you’ll feel better for it.

  2. Gym lifting and they don’t ever last on a labor job or even labor duties around the house . Weak mfks they are . Good to see some articles back

  3. A man can know if he’s truly tough when he’s in solitude. Everybody I know is surprised by my dedication to my brutal workouts.

  4. Marovsky that is a damn good point.I don’t get this stuff about training partmers.No-one should need someone shouting encouragement. If a guy can’t do it for himself he may as well give up


    thats a story (in german) about a woman, who had several diseases.

    the doctor were clueless, till they asked her about her diet.
    it was almost completely vegan. so her body had a poor appearance of important vitamins, etc.

    after a change in her diet she felt better.
    what a surprise…

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