Bodyweight Training -The Bear Crawl Effect

The Bear Crawl Effect

Bear Crawls are an exercise that doesn’t get a lot of attention
and has been around for many, many years. I first was exposed
to them in high school football. But, I remember doing them as
a kid and racing my brother. Little kids do these exercises and
we don’t even take a second look.

Plain and simple Bear Crawls will build a rugged body. Bear Crawls
are a forgotten secret that will bring about a primitive type of strength
throughout the entire body.

Bear Crawls will humble the so called fit person. Bear Crawls go so
far beyond what most other exercises can do. Bear Crawls are a
complete body ripper.

Anyone that has done Bear Crawls can tell you that in a very short
time, in as little as 20 seconds will have you on your ass wondering
how such a simple basis exercise like Bear Crawls will have you
sweating and breathing heavy and you just started.

The Bear Crawl will condition your body in so many ways that it’s
a perfect exercise for any sport you are training for. Think how the
exercise is done, you are on all fours and moving around using
every muscle in your arms, shoulders, traps, neck, core, thighs,
hamstrings, calves, wrists, hands, feet not to mention the
anaerobic benefits.

The Bear Crawl is the MMA fighters, wrestlers, fighters, martial artist
best friend. Bear Crawls work the body the way every athlete needs.

Bear Crawls are not an aerobic exercise, you can’t go and Bear Crawl
for miles it’s an exercise for performance and building a rugged
type of body in a short period of time.

Want to try the Bear Crawl all you need is a little room to move, you can
do it inside, outside where ever you want. If you do it inside and room is
limited move two or three steps forward, move to the left and back to the
right and backwards and do this for a minute or two and feel the muscle
building effect on your body.

Outside Bear Crawls, your backyard a football field, a hill. Try some
Bear Crawl sprints. Walk off 5 yards Bear Crawl 5 yards – jog back
get back down and repeat as long as possible.

Here’s a good workout that will work strength and coordination. Grab
a soccer ball and in a Bear Crawl position, start moving the ball
around with your hands, and just like in soccer try to take the ball
down the field using only your hands. The act of taking your one arm
and hitting the ball put’s a lot of stress on your other hand and your
core needs to stabilize which will build a great amount of core strength.

This a exercise that will build real world physical fitness in a short period
of time.

Toughness Builds Winners

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Johnny Grube

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  1. Great article, must be the hardest bodyweight exercise,
    Just started the bear crawl, feel every muscle
    David Townsend,


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