Bodyweight Training -The Bear Crawl Effect

The Bear Crawl Effect

Bear Crawls are an exercise that doesn’t get a lot of attention
and has been around for many, many years. I first was exposed
to them in high school football. But, I remember doing them as
a kid and racing my brother. Little kids do these exercises and
we don’t even take a second look.

Plain and simple Bear Crawls will build a rugged body. Bear Crawls
are a forgotten secret that will bring about a primitive type of strength
throughout the entire body.

Bear Crawls will humble the so called fit person. Bear Crawls go so
far beyond what most other exercises can do. Bear Crawls are a
complete body ripper.

Anyone that has done Bear Crawls can tell you that in a very short
time, in as little as 20 seconds will have you on your ass wondering
how such a simple basis exercise like Bear Crawls will have you
sweating and breathing heavy and you just started.

The Bear Crawl will condition your body in so many ways that it’s
a perfect exercise for any sport you are training for. Think how the
exercise is done, you are on all fours and moving around using
every muscle in your arms, shoulders, traps, neck, core, thighs,
hamstrings, calves, wrists, hands, feet not to mention the
anaerobic benefits.

The Bear Crawl is the MMA fighters, wrestlers, fighters, martial artist
best friend. Bear Crawls work the body the way every athlete needs.

Bear Crawls are not an aerobic exercise, you can’t go and Bear Crawl
for miles it’s an exercise for performance and building a rugged
type of body in a short period of time.

Want to try the Bear Crawl all you need is a little room to move, you can
do it inside, outside where ever you want. If you do it inside and room is
limited move two or three steps forward, move to the left and back to the
right and backwards and do this for a minute or two and feel the muscle
building effect on your body.

Outside Bear Crawls, your backyard a football field, a hill. Try some
Bear Crawl sprints. Walk off 5 yards Bear Crawl 5 yards – jog back
get back down and repeat as long as possible.

Here’s a good workout that will work strength and coordination. Grab
a soccer ball and in a Bear Crawl position, start moving the ball
around with your hands, and just like in soccer try to take the ball
down the field using only your hands. The act of taking your one arm
and hitting the ball put’s a lot of stress on your other hand and your
core needs to stabilize which will build a great amount of core strength.

This a exercise that will build real world physical fitness in a short period
of time.

Toughness Builds Winners

Attention: Here’s the Fitness Program that took a 240lb Overweight Weight Trainer to the Holder of 6 World Records

Johnny Grube

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  1. This movement (along with the Crabwalk) has changed my life in many ways. Just like Nature, it’s simple, uber-effective, and never let’s you down if you give it an honest chance. I can’t praise it enough. I don’t have to tell you how tough it is over time, in that area the Bear Crawl speaks (roars) for itself. I will tell you that it’s boosted my morale in all aspects of life for it’s ability to heal my wrists and hands and taking away a nagging groin pain I’ve had for YEARS. Following the majority (just read a few more of Wildman’s posts and you’ll see how much folly that is) I always thought the flat-palmed way of doing pushups/burpees etc. was unnatural and avoided it (did them on my knuckles). Whenever I did try them my wrists would crack/crunch/pop in pain and anguish, which made me believe an injury that occured years before was the cause along with the unnatural position of the movement. Turns out I was wrong – my hands/wrists were just WEAK and this exercise changed that forever. Just doing these in my apartment, which is about 15 yrds long in the hallway, along with the CrabWalk, for a week and the pain was GONE (plus the wife gets a kick out of watchin’ me go back and forth : ). Not to mention I can pop off hundreds of Burpees flat palmed now – No Problem -. Even my grip strength has improved drastically – if I give the wife a message I have to back off a lot or I hurt her (Yeah, for the jokesters, she likes it rough). The groin pain (which was just a dull annoyance I figured I’d just have to live with) just faded away after a few days as well. What a bonus! : ) So Thank You BearCrawl!

    P.S. If you’re reading this you’re obviously interested in bodyweight exercises/Wildman Philosophy so do yourselves a favor and order The Wildman Training Course (No, I’m not affiliated w/ Johnny or anything, I’m just thankful for his work) and change your life for the better. It may seem pricey but it’s all you’ll ever need. Trust me. Don’t be those people on Facebook w/ ‘Goin’ to the Gym’ posts (which are usually followed by “Come get a drink w/ me” 2 hours later but that’s another story) when you could get a kick-ass workout during ‘Glee’ or ‘Jersey Shore’ commercials for free. The binder will pay for itself in gas ducat $$ alone the first week if your drivin’ to the gym. Stay Real! and if you aren’t – The Course will give you a taste of what it feels like to be Real. ~Namaste~

  2. Did around a 1/3 of a mile bear crawl last night. That was one of the toughest things i have ever done physically/mentally in a while. I agree with you, short bursts will do the job (but if you do want a challenge, try some distance).

  3. I’ve been training in a gym for 5 years: deadlift, squat, olympic lifts, pull-ups, dips, etc… have never done isolated exercises – only compound movements. But I’ve always had a strange feeling that smth was missing – smth basic, smth pure. Then I discovered bear crawls. Sort of a thing that might change your life – you get a different sense of strength, posture improves dramatically, breathing gets easier and deeper. And that different feeling of strength – no wonder chimps are so strong. Just get on your four and go up and downhill – easy

  4. Check this out, Back2Crawl on youtube

  5. Dan Thomas says

    Did this today, post to post on a football field stopping only when I couldn’t move any more, catching my breath then going again. Did 3 full lengths (360 yards) and was wrecked. I have my clients do it tied to a slastix bungee for rounds of 30 on 30 off. They hate it!!

  6. Thompson812 says

    I been currently practicing bear crawls and different crawl forms for a couple of months(lifting 20 lb weights from my hands and taping 10 lb weights to my ankles) I can confirm that it is a very strenious excercise that works out most of your body parts like no other lifting excercise I have ever done. It is very encouraging to see articles and comments on the the effectiveness of the excercise.

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