Bodyweight Training – 10,000 Ring Pushups in 30 Days!

I just completed another 10,000 rep challenge by doing 10,000 ring pushups rings about 7" from the ground feet elevated on a 17" base in 30 days. Why did I do 10,000 ring pushups in 30 days? For building physical and mental toughness and discipline! Johnny Grube using a 75 lb back pack for some "Ring Pushups" I have had rings for years but didn't use them … [Read more...]

Build Great Strength with this Old School Training Tool

I have told you before I was a weight trainer for many years before my body started to get beat up and started being less effective. Earning my living as a manual laborer and training for over 30 years my body started needing more time to recover than I spent in actual training time. But I didn't give up all old school training tools. I have some that are over 25 years old. One that I … [Read more...]