Bodyweight Training – Build Punch Proof Abs with the Old School Ab Wheel

Many years ago in the early 80's I seen WWF Champ Bob Backlund demonstrate the old school ab wheel. Never thought much of it until high school. One day an old janitor named Mr Mealy made his way in the  weight room, he was in his middle 60's short and stocky. He grabbed a 60lb barbell laid it on the floor and did a standing roll out using the 60 lb barbell. At the time we were all very … [Read more...]

The Best Ab Exercise for a Rock Hard-Core

The best ab exercise for a rock hard core I never focus directly on ab training I find it just like weight training where you focus on one body part at a time. I like to combine body weight exercises that will include my abs. For years I had what you would call punch proof abs, I learned it in the martial arts and have let people punch me as hard as possible in the chest or stomach since … [Read more...]