Mountain Biking Steep Hills will Weaken the Strongest Man!

Part of my training is riding my mountain bike. Hold on, I don't get dolled up wearing the bike shorts, bike shirts, clip on shoes or a helmet! I go old school gym shorts, sneakers, sleeveless shirt and wear a bandana on my head. I don't ride the trails or even go off road I find the nastiest steepest hills in my area and hit them with vengeance. I can tell you I have NEVER seen anyone not … [Read more...]

Simple but Brutal Back Pack Workout

Today had a brutal workout, but it would sound to boring and simple for the average person that trains. When workouts are simple people seem to look past simplicity and look for more complicated. I will tell you that complicated rarely works long term. If when you workout and you find yourself spending to much time trying to remember the next exercise, you are wasting valuable training time … [Read more...]

The One Brutal workout everyone hates, but I love!

The One Brutal workout everyone hates, but I love! What’s the one workout everyone has done at least one time in their lives and hate? Furniture moving, anyone who has ever moved or helped someone move knows that it is tough. As a matter of fact unless you are family or a great friend you would probably do whatever you can to avoid helping. Furniture moving is a very demanding type of … [Read more...]