Pure Grit – Paddy Doyle

That's the name of Paddy Doyles new book. He talks about his world records his mind set. I have all his books and videos. If you haven't been listen the last couple years, I'm a big fan. He has a circuit in the book that he uses when he trains for certain world records. Here is what he does. 40 pressups. 100 situps. 100 bodyweight squats. 100 U.K. squat thrusts. 100 burpees. 15 minute static … [Read more...]

How 3 minutes of Bodyweight Training will give you guaranteed results.

The word discipline has become a foreign word. The number one thing slipping in our lives is our health and fitness. We are more sick and fatter then ever before, and the only one we can blame is ourselves. We need to take back our lives and get back on track. We need to sit back for a moment and really find out what needs to be done to get us going  in the right direction. We have become a weak … [Read more...]

Bodyweight training- Fit to fight

Bodyweight training- Fit to fight  I love this saying- Fit to fight. I heard this from the #1 man of bodyweight training world records Paddy Doyle. And he has it right, you need to be fit to fight.  More and more men and women are taking to bodyweight training as the way to optimal fitness in record time.  MMA fighters and athletes all over the world are starting to take notice of the benefits of … [Read more...]