The book “Convict Conditioning” NOT the real thing

I usually never ever talk negative about a product but I think it’s really pathetic that the book
” Convict Conditioning” is a fraud. I own the book and prisoners do not train like that.

Do you think the prisoners train like gymnasts? Who is coach Paul Wade? He’s probably made
up, if he is really what was he in prison for. Knowing a lot of prison guards, police, state
police and knowing prisoners myself I know that they do not train this way.

Hell, you can watch the t.v show lock up and watch the way the prisoners train and
I have never seen a one arm hand stand. Do people really believe that doing a one
hand stand and 30 hanging leg raises and one legged pistols are being done in jails
or prisons? Well, think again.

The funny thing is that the man that wrote the book ” Naked Warrior” which
is sold through dragon door the same place ” Convict Conditioning” is sold.

Pavel shows the pistol and so does the so called prisoner Paul Wade and
the funny thing is they have a gymnast type doing the exercises. The book
shows unnecessary movements that take a lot of time to learn and where
is the conditioning? Are we lead to believe that the prisoners will allow the
new fish to come in go on a strength building routine so they can defend

The funny thing is believe it, you will always have someone defending the
point and maybe their could be an exception but for the most part you are
being fed bull shit.

The prison books I do have are written by 3 prisoners, legit prisoners that you
can look up yourself and not one has anything like it in ant of their books.

If anything ” Convict Condition” is a good reference book but it is definitely
not written by any prisoner.

Micheal Peterson A.K.A Charles Bronson is the most famous prisoner in the U.K
and his workouts are basic and simple. Another prisoner was sent to jail for conspiracy
to commit murder and has a book worth reading.

If you can show me evidence prisoners train this way unless they are gymnast prisoners
it’s a lie. Prisoners train to survive, prisoners train to blow off steam, they aren’t worried
about one arm hand stands or one legged squats.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube




  1. DreadPirateRoberts says

    Still going strong #LovingIt

  2. Ian Moone says

    Tell me DPR, What is the Origin of that name?
    Not the silk rd. conection before that.

    answer before Midnight Monday the 13th of June or Paul Wade gets it


  3. DreadPirateRoberts says

    The Origin of my name comes from never you mind ! #MindYourOwnBusiness

  4. DreadPirateRoberts says

    The film Dread Pirate Roberts ! #TRUTH

  5. USA4EVR69 says

    Paul Wade RULES!! you kids don’t know what our talking about!
    Iv been bodyweight training for twentysix years now i don’t use machines or weights and i
    can fuck-up any gym rat and you bitches here to!

  6. DreadPirateRoberts says

    Bullshit !

  7. Well…whatever you might say and I might say and others might say. CC presents a great alternative way to classic strength training in gym and as far as I am concerned, mastering my body is attractive to me more than lifting a truck load of weights.

  8. You seem to be more the fraud than PW. He seems genuine enough to me. Either you have no idea what you are talking about or you are just plain jealous of him who knows exactly what he’s doing. So I say to you “Go Fly A Kite” might be better for you.

  9. You have obviously never been to prison before. Inmates do any or every
    excercise they can I have personally seen prisoners doing pistol squats and hand stand press ups which are both in Charles bronson”s book solitary fitness. You mentioned the book in your article but you clearly haven’t read it. If you do research before the next article it may prove more valuable to your readers .

  10. IanMoone says

    A/S/L? Vinner,Nata,Oli

  11. IanMoone says

    DPR your talking to yourself now?

  12. I want to buy the third book so I am reading all kinds of reviews, what do you think of the third installment?

  13. No, I hate fraud! It’s not the way prisoners train! He mislead a bunch of idiots, who aren’t smart
    enough to do their own research. It is a good reference book and that is all. If it was named
    something else. Pavel called a book naked warrior and I said nothing because it was a title
    the made sense. He wasn’t trying to mislead people. The title sold copies in my opinion
    it morons!

  14. OLI,

    No that’s the thing, I personally know many ex prisoners! Federal correctional officers,
    policemen, and local state corrections officers and they don’t do pistols! I have every single
    prison book written! And any real prisoners NEVER do any of the bull shit Paul Wade shows!

    Paul Wade is fictional, he shows gymnast type people doing his exercise, not a lot of
    gymnast in prisons! Bronsons book shows absolutely nothing like Wade shows. You know
    why cause Bronson is a REAL prisoner! Not a fraud!

  15. it doesn’t matter it is a prison workout or not. it is a brilliant book on body weight excercises whether written by a gymnast or a prisoner

  16. Paul Mitchell says

    I think Johnny has a point. I have read most of Charlie Bronsons books and he does tons of push ups, deep squats, dynamic tension, situps and burpees etc. As part of his conditions he used to ask for a medicine ball to use for training as well.

    He eventually got access to a dip station too. He has been to nearly every prison in the Uk as he was so volatile. He can’t do pull ups as he is a prisoner and he has no access to do pull ups anywhere so has to improvise. He is a beast and has been through his 40 years in prison.

    There is no doubt CC is a decent enough book but I think it being written by an actual prisoner is frankly bullshit. There is a lot to be said for keeping your training simple and consistent and is defo the way I train these days.

  17. I work in a maximum security prison. While the exercises are legit, the reason Wade’s ex-con status is questionable has nothing to do with the exercises. It obvious that Wade is not and was not a convict because his writing is too good. The author of CC is knowledgeable in the history of western civilization, English language, creative writing, gymnastics, physical fitness, and human anatomy. He obviously has a college degree and experience in gymnastics. If he was incarcerated for over 20 years, when did he have time to learn all that? They have “school” at the prison I work in. The inmates can earn their GED…because many criminals never even finish highschool, few served in the military, and none have attempted college. In fact the vast majority are illiterate and have trouble filling out basic paperwork (like a sick-call slip) and none of them can spell worth a damn. The mentality of a criminal, a convict, is a sense of entitlement. They don’t value education or hard work. They’d rather just rob you and take what they want. They don’t like to have to earn anything and if one does work hard at something or earn something, he’s seen as “soft”. I’m certain, I’d bet money, that the real person behind the name “Paul Wade” was never a convict, but instead, is an ex-gymnast (maybe even a former Olympian) and a professional gymnastics coach.
    None of that takes away from the workout routines. They’re all good. They just aren’t what the crooks inside actually do. Real convicts spend less time working out and more time fighting and stealing from each other.

  18. Indigo Montoya says

    “This book is intended for entertainment purposes only. This book is not biography. The names, histories and
    circumstances of the individuals featured in this book have accordingly been changed either partially or
    completely. Despite this, the author maintains that all the exercise principles within this volume-techniques,
    methods and ideology-are valid. Use them, and become the best.” Funny story. That is a disclaimer at the beginning of the book. HINT: IT’S NOT REAL. You people are missing the point. You’re wasting your time arguing over this. I own the book, and live by it. Most of you haven’t done ANY research about this book, obviously, therefore your opinions are moot. The workout is real, healthy, and gets results. Whoever or whomever wrote it knows what they’re talking about, regardless of their background. They made it entertaining, and the concept is you can do these workouts anywhere, even in an 8×10 cell. So the guy has some imagination and creativity. That doesn’t make him a fraud. ESPECIALLY WHEN HE TELLS YOU IT’S FAKE. FOR FUCK’S SAKE. You killed my father, Dread Pirate Roberts. Prepare to die.

  19. I don’t give a f#ck if Paul Wade is a ex con or a ex accountant, the exercises works and the material comes with no cost. As everything else on Internet.

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  21. I think CC is written by the Kavadlo brothers. Also the articles written by Paul Wade on the PCC blog are full of images of the Kavadlo brothers.
    Paul Wade also references the brothers much in his articles, but nevertheless there is a youtube vid Al Kavadlo says he doesn’t know Paul Wade.
    So basically at Dragon door they have a blogster they have never seen and don’t know his identity.
    Whatever..the book contains good information. Also “progressive calisthenics”.
    How many body weight programs are just telling “do pull ups, do dips…”. Most “out of shape” people can’t do them. In CC at least, there is a system of progressive overload.
    Whoever Paul Wade is…I don’t care, I like the book.
    Captain America is also fictive.. but I like the movie also

  22. If all the people that wrote negative comments spent more time on the big 6 than arguing about who Paul wade is then you would all be calisthenics kings…. I love the book and the mystery man, I will not be going To jail anytime soon to find out if this is practiced though, lol.

  23. Hugh Jaskoch says

    Actually, based on personal experience, I know for a FACT that some inmates do train that way. Obviously, it is not a majority. Using your logic, anyone that goes to golds gym is snatching 300 lbs and benching 500. The majority of inmates are like the majority of people…period. They lack sufficient knowledge in how to properly train, which is why people hire personal trainers to teach them information they can obtain for free. Judging from your article, you appear to have a personal vendetta with either the author or the publisher. You’re ignoring the information in the book and attacking the legitimacy of the author’s back story…pretty petty…

  24. A year of debating whether Paul Wade is real or not. I was given a copy while in county. Worked for me. Don’t care if Paul Wade is real or not. The book works.

    How about just talking about a positive and showing the best way to work out?


  25. Hey man. First, I haven’t read the book, so I got no idea of anything about it. It could be well as you say, a fraud, since it’s not really verifiable that he was a legit prisioner. According to you.

    But, apart from that man, there’s many people in the world doing many diferent trainings. There’s normal people that train with weight, that train with calisthenics or that train like gymnastics.

    I for once train like calisthenics and gymnastics, even though it’s just a hobby and if for some reason I am someday locked in, I will continue to do so, I won’t stop training like that cause I’m in a prison. Also it’s something u can do anywhere with no equipment, so, prision would be perfect in any circunstance.

    What I mean is, I didn’t like the way you mention prisioners like they are all one and the same person and that it would be impossile for one to train akin to a gymnastic or calisthenics.
    U do realise there are like, all over the world, more than a milion people locked in, I won’t even check the correct number. So, don’t make afirmations that not only you don’t know the truth, but are also highly unlikly.

    There most definetly are prisioners who train calisthenics and one hand push ups and handstands. Also in prison, either for survival and defense (you would want to train hard, there isn’t much more hard and strengh need than one arm push up and handstand) it’s also easy to understand prisioners training seriously, concentrating on something for real, helps people hold on in tough situations.
    Hope this isn’t taked as bad, just my too cents on the issue.

  26. It’s obvious you didn’t read the book’s preface and background story enough…

    The truth is (as stated in the chapter on how the author came to write this book in the first place) that the Convict Conditioning “method” was devised by the author after many years of observing the training of *some* prisoners (specifically only a small few die-hard proponents of this type of training) who used progressive-strength calisthenics exercises to become stronger.

    After leaving prison, *years* later, did the author finally put together a specific training method in book form called Convict Conditioning using the basic principles he had observed and practiced, as well as up-to-date graphics and illustrations in order to teach exercise performance for the general public (non prisoners) to follow.

    To call out the book and question it’s authenticity simply because what you believed was a “gymnast” (he was actually not) was pictured performing pistol squats is very disingenuous in your part…

    Keep in mind he was personally interested in bodyweight training… others may have instead used weights or some other make-shift tools to condition themselves in prison, but obviously he was focused on maximizing calisthenics exercises.

    The author *never* makes the claim that *all* prisoners train using the Convict method… he even clearly states only a very small number actually put most of these principles into their training from his own observation)…

    So what you personally observed in prisons doesn’t factor into this at all… neither does what other prisoners who have written books have to say about the training done behind bars.

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  28. I’ve read the book. I’m 46 been practicing for 3 years. There probably isn’t a dude on this thread as jacked and ripped as me and could stand up with me for even 8-10 secs. before getting beaten to a pulp. I’ve done time…hard time.. some of us do this, most can’t hang. But we are the men you don’t fuck with. You’d piss down your leg if I looked at you wrong. Give the man his respect. Before talking shit, try the workout or be an internet shit talking bitch and live on blogs. and act tough.

  29. I’ve read the book. I’m 46 been practicing for 23 years. There probably isn’t a dude on this thread as jacked and ripped as me and could stand up with me for even 8-10 secs. before getting beaten to a pulp. I’ve done time…hard time.. some of us do this, most can’t hang. But we are the men you don’t fuck with. You’d piss down your leg if I looked at you wrong. Give the man his respect. Before talking shit, try the workout or be an internet shit talking bitch and live on blogs. and act tough.

  30. Are you referring to me? I give no fake prison bitch or any prisoner respect!

    You think I haven’t trained like this for years, fucking useless!

  31. Mike46ilookuwrong says

    Hey Mike, I look you wrong, so what you going to do? Look me wrong so I piss down one leg, or you going to do some progressions on the pushups CC style while we throw some crumbs at you? Screw you, your wrong look, your hard time and your verbal vomit. You might have better luck scaring off 12 year olds with your internet toughie tough talk. Piss off mate, I will smash all of your 46 years to the thinnest pulp and kick you the fuck in your ass and send you on your way. Anytime bitch…….

  32. That is a really good tip especially to those new to the blogosphere.
    Short but very accurate info… Many thanks for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

  33. Mr Gary Mehmet says

    When I first read this book, I did wonder if this was really how prisoners trained and who was this Paul Wade. I could not find any pictures of the man and I just ended up focusing on the training method and the words. I liked the style of ‘his’ writing and I was definitely inspired by the exercises. Now it has been a few years since I first read the book. And we can all see this book along with others such as the NAked Warrior, has clearly inspired other ‘Prisoner style’ books and bodyweight youtube videos, apps and so on, all extolling the benefits of bodyweight training and promoting it as the latest, greatest training method. It seems to me that this book, in the end, found a creative way to engage with its audience, to get people to see bodyweight training as an effective way to build a stronger body. Whether it was fictional or not, it achieved its aim.

  34. Just for clarification as a former gymnast and coach this isn’t how gymnasts train. Maybe in early stages to develop a basic strength but beyond that the skills gymnasts do require far more strength than any of the exercises in the book offer. For a gymnast that has reached competition level these exercises would be worthless outside of one arm handstands only fans r practicing balance on their hands.

    I highly doubt the book was written by a gymnast and certainly not one who had any level of skill as one.

    I also did it interest that much if the information presented in the bio contradicts the information in Naked Warrior and much of the principles shared by Pavel who is a very qualified strength coach.

    My impression is the entire boo is made up, even the program outlined. I doubt “Paul Wade” ever even followed such a program even if he was in prison because it actually smacks if a lack of experience in body weight training. The book is overly technical than is required for body weight training which doesn’t take much expertise at all and is easily understood by anyone who is willing to out in the time to actually train with body weight exercises.


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