The book “Convict Conditioning” NOT the real thing

I usually never ever talk negative about a product but I think it’s really pathetic that the book
” Convict Conditioning” is a fraud. I own the book and prisoners do not train like that.

Do you think the prisoners train like gymnasts? Who is coach Paul Wade? He’s probably made
up, if he is really what was he in prison for. Knowing a lot of prison guards, police, state
police and knowing prisoners myself I know that they do not train this way.

Hell, you can watch the t.v show lock up and watch the way the prisoners train and
I have never seen a one arm hand stand. Do people really believe that doing a one
hand stand and 30 hanging leg raises and one legged pistols are being done in jails
or prisons? Well, think again.

The funny thing is that the man that wrote the book ” Naked Warrior” which
is sold through dragon door the same place ” Convict Conditioning” is sold.

Pavel shows the pistol and so does the so called prisoner Paul Wade and
the funny thing is they have a gymnast type doing the exercises. The book
shows unnecessary movements that take a lot of time to learn and where
is the conditioning? Are we lead to believe that the prisoners will allow the
new fish to come in go on a strength building routine so they can defend

The funny thing is believe it, you will always have someone defending the
point and maybe their could be an exception but for the most part you are
being fed bull shit.

The prison books I do have are written by 3 prisoners, legit prisoners that you
can look up yourself and not one has anything like it in ant of their books.

If anything ” Convict Condition” is a good reference book but it is definitely
not written by any prisoner.

Micheal Peterson A.K.A Charles Bronson is the most famous prisoner in the U.K
and his workouts are basic and simple. Another prisoner was sent to jail for conspiracy
to commit murder and has a book worth reading.

If you can show me evidence prisoners train this way unless they are gymnast prisoners
it’s a lie. Prisoners train to survive, prisoners train to blow off steam, they aren’t worried
about one arm hand stands or one legged squats.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube




  1. Clay Mackoruk says

    There’s been a lot of mud slinging going on in this discussion.
    Stepping away from all that, one thing I’d like to ask Johnny Grube’s
    Opinion on is the quality of the training itself within convict conditioning.
    Not what it represents in the book. As a progressive strength potentially and size protocol
    What say you mr grube about such progressive exercises as the strict
    one arm push-up, one arm chin-up, handstand push-up, pistol squat etc?
    I’d think regardless of however you train you’d have to acknowledge
    The power of said exercises built up to progressively over time.

  2. Clay I have the book and said before that it is a good reference book. I just don’t like the marketing of
    scamming people into thinking prisoners train this way. Of course the exercises work all exercise works.

  3. Johnny Grube, do you live in a house or are you actually living in the wild? If you do live in a civilized society you are scamming us all calling yourself a wild man.

  4. Ms. Johnny Grube says

    I only call people fags because I’m insecure with my own manhood.

  5. I think, the books are fantastic. I am really training like a “prisoner” and I can see the results. My condition according these books is better from day to day… and I did not understand that this is the training of all the prisoners 🙂 Just I love it…. 🙂

  6. Johnny Grube, from the start of this post, made it clear he did not read the book. Disappointing review. The book itself acknowledges over and over again that this is not the way people PRESENTLY train in prisons, and focuses on historical examples. If Johnny Grube had actually READ the book he is reviewing, he’d be able to focus on that, instead of making up points.

  7. Hey Chris you need to get your facts straight I have “convict conditioning” I even did a YouTube video holding the book up, you can go check it out for yourself. I will not review something that I haven’t read, you chumps just got pissed off because you were fooled by a fraudulent title. Here is the video

  8. who gives a shit if it’s written by a prisoner or not? shit because the television show you watch doesn’t show prisoners working out like this book, it must not be true. You went around to ask your contacts if it’s true? You are sad, even if no prisoners use these techniques…why would I close my mind to it? I don’t want to be a prisoner, the fact is the book is body weight conditioning, where you can do in a small confined room with no equipment…that’s the selling point. The nutrition follows suit, following the same theme. Simplicity. I’m not going to follow the book word for word, but I learned how to progressively reach certain body weight feats like flags with the help of these books. I don’t care to read a book about a convict because it’s written by a convict, I enjoy the book because of it’s knowledge, not it’s street cred. nice rant lmao anybody can be a blogger now a days, maybe you should think about writing constructive criticism next time. asshole

  9. From the article:

    “Micheal Peterson A.K.A Charles Bronson is the most famous prisoner in the U.K….”

    Great point (and Charlie talks about one of the most neglected muscles there are: The heart). No denying Charlie is a prisoner. His book, Solitary Fitness, is most certainly written by a convict.

    Thanks Johnny Grube!

  10. Dragon Fly says

    The Kavaldo brothers co-wrote the Convict conditioning books including some
    writing done by a British writer. After Pavel, Paul Coach Wade (aka Kavaldo broth) are the
    next big sell for Dragon Door. DD’s emphasis shifted from Kettlebells to body weight conditioning……
    it’s as simple as that.

  11. Dragon Fly says

    The Kavaldo brothers co-wrote the Convict Conditioning books including some
    writing done by a British writer. After Pavel, Paul Coach Wade (aka Kavaldo brothers) are the
    next big sell for Dragon Door. DD’s emphasis shifted from Kettlebells to body weight conditioning…
    it’s as simple as that. And that’s the reason Pavel left DD and started his own certification with Kettlebells.

  12. Whether Paul Wade is real or not doesn’t much matter. I’ve had great results with the CC system and plan to train like this my entire life. I saw a youtube video a while back of a russian prison where one prisoner was shown training his neck the same way as instructed in CC2.
    So yeah, they do train like that. I guess there will always be haters.

  13. I honestly don’t know if there is a Coach Paul Wade. I can say, that he gave quite a few interviews, but all of them were conducted via mail, so you’ll never have any proof if he is genuine or not.
    I do not care wether there is really a ex-con named Paul Wade. The important fact is, that his methods work. I use his program for half a year now and I am very happy with the results so far. There are books that are better suited for more advanced athletes (like Never Gymless by Ross Enamait).

    I guess you just have to try what works for you. If you can’t stand the possibility that you’re being scammed, than you probably shouldn’t read that book. If you are just into the content, than it is worth a look.

  14. Al Kavaldo says

    Please all that follow CC protocol post results. Because only results can shut up the
    doubters. I am pleasantly surprised that many follow the CC protocol that I worked hard on
    with my brother Dan, but when it comes to showing off the results many that follow CC have nothing to show! In any case the third of the CC series is out now…this one is about explosiveness so grab a copy
    now…be explosive! With this all bases are covered in the CC methodology.

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  16. Your mom says

    crappy review

  17. SlimShady says

    All I can say is I did convict conditioning for the last two years. And when done as directed. I had really great results. I am not saying it is for everyone. But i will say, other than my gains in strength. There are benefits in poster, joints, old knee pain diminishes, general feeling of well being.
    Whether it is or isn’t used in prison is not really my concern. Just the results.

    However, i am sure you can get results from other programs. I just like this one, due to the simplicity. I can workout in my jeans, shorts, doesn’t matter. I can work out in hotel room, home or outside.

    It does require discipline, as far as form, tempo. So you have to check yourself. And sometimes strength gains come slowly, but they do come.

    This is my experience.

  18. You are right! Read a book called BLOODY IRON if you want to know how real prisoners train, it was written by two men who were in prison!

  19. Good review. I understand where the reviewer is coming from because there are a lot of hucksters in the fitness world as well as the martial art world. Convict conditioning looks solid. I’ve watched a DVD and was impressed. But, I have to question if it is truly based on what jailbirds do. Maybe one jailbird trained that way, which would make him the weirdo exception. I suspect it it is marketing, a sales gimmick. Either way the program looks like it will work if followed. The narrator on the push up DVD I watched gave a lot of info on why it is done the way it is shown. He explains body mechanics, which was good. There was stuff even.I didn’t know about the basic old fashioned push up. Again the program looks solid even if it isn’t a true jailbird workout. Again I can see the reviewer’s issue with dishonesty and I agree. Dishonesty and lying are wrong and create distrust. Much like the ninja craze of the 80’s where people starting claiming ninjas (remember ashida Kim?) Today we have people claiming to be muay Thai champions, fitness experts, etc. Lying is lying plain and simple. But in the case of convict conditioning I suspect they wanted to successfully market a program that really works. I guess old fashioned body weight exercises just doesn’t have the same ring and not exotic enough to get people’s attention.

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  30. Paul Wade…if you break down the name Pavel into its basic pronunciation you get something like PAHL WEHL. Pavel translates to Paul right.
    i agree with Mr Grube.

  31. I don’t know if Paul Wade was a convict or if convicts train the way he says. And I don’t care, his method works and I’m getting results that I expected. And I certainly didn’t read the book because of it’s title. I mean prisoners are people who, by default, made a mistake. Even if the only mistake was getting caught. So why would I value an opinion from someone who threw away even a day of his life, let alone years. That said, the exercises in the book are good and if you follow them to the letter you will get the results you want.

  32. I showed the book to a an ex-con from NYC who was in new york state prison, and he said the book is legit and they really do those exercises in prison. He’s in his 50’s, still jacked & still busting out 1 arm pushups.

    I don’t know whether Paul Wade is real, But judging from the drug dealers I have met in the past most of them like to keep a very, very low profile, so its not out of the ordinary that he would stay behind the scenes.

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  36. test

  37. You are a fool! I am the perfect example of this traing methood, me and variours other people trained like this while we spent time in prison, I believe you are just a sad obese man that is jelous of young men training this way, due to the fact that you clearly do not know what you are on about. maybe you are having some sort of midlife crisis, you can not and will not ever train this way due to bad genitics. #FACT

  38. Paul Wade is NOT a real person!!
    see for yourself at,

  39. Paul Wade is NOT a real person!!
    see for yourself at,


  40. DreadPirateRoberts says
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  42. Jonny Bravo says

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  43. Nobody listen to DPR he lies!!

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  44. DreadPirateRoberts says

    You are nothing but a lier, I am the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth #TRUTH

  45. More lies from a lier, I know people who invented the whole paul wade program!
    THERE RICH NOW! Convict Conditioning will NOT give you any results!

  46. DreadPirateRoberts says

    What if I told you I am PAul Wade #MindFuck

  47. Paul Wade is NOT real
    I know this to be true
    DPR lies!

  48. #5000

  49. DreadPirateRoberts says

    That is your opinion! everyone has an opinion. To everyone: Paul Wade is clearly real and by reading his book, One shall get amazing results. #JustReadTheBook

  50. There is opinion, and there is FACT


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