Paddy Doyle – World Record Holder and Old School Tough Guy!

Paddy Doyle Old School Tough Guy Paddy was an ex - paratrooper, a Doorman, Bodyguard and Black Belt 3 DAN martial arts instructor. A Multi World record holder Paddy Doyle has been breaking world records since 1987 with the first when he did 4,100 pushups in 4 1/2 hours with a 50 lb plate on his back. Since then Doyle's career achievements of strength speed stamina records are now 360, … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – High Rep Leg Training builds Legendary Conditioning!

High Rep Bodyweight Leg Training builds Legendary Conditioning! Leg training is a brutal type of training that many stay away from. Many think leg training in either running or gym work, and yes this is a form of leg training but leg training is so much more and more brutal than anyone could ever think. Bodyweight training has come a long way, and just as it was making its way back bodyweight … [Read more...]

Bodyweight training prison style 1000 pushups,600 curls,do 600 dips,do 1000 situps STRAIGHT, non-stop.

Real Prison Fitness Training Ever since I did blogs about what true prison fitness was actually like and went against the book "Convict Conditioning". I got a lot of people pissed off that bought into the "Convict Conditioning" theory. I was told I don't know what I'm talking about and was told to stay in the gym,in the corner and do curls,hahaha pissed off people that were fooled. On … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Backpack Pushups

Backpack Pushups If you’re looking for more of a challenge and want to build some serious strength when doing your pushups all you need is a sturdy backpack and some extra weight thrown inside. A weighted pack will test the toughest and strongest men. This is not an exercise for a beginner. For years and still today men all around the world use the bench press as the gauge for strength … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – Back Pack Training for Building Great Strength

Want to switch up the bodyweight training? Try some back pack training. It's pretty simple, all you need is a strong back pack and add some weight and you have a tool for building great over all body strength. The back pack will force the body to work and stabilize muscles that are not usually used in the traditional way weights will effect them. The weighted back pack will add a … [Read more...]