Bodyweight Training – 10,000 Ring Pushups in 30 Days!

I just completed another 10,000 rep challenge by doing 10,000 ring pushups rings about 7" from the ground feet elevated on a 17" base in 30 days. Why did I do 10,000 ring pushups in 30 days? For building physical and mental toughness and discipline! Johnny Grube using a 75 lb back pack for some "Ring Pushups" I have had rings for years but didn't use them … [Read more...]

Every Day is Another Day to Build Toughness

Every day is another day to build toughness, physical and mental pain build toughness. Mental and physical toughness is also built through adversity, most people use adversity as a chance to play the victim card. People that cant handle adversity, and play the victim card are the weakest of people. But you can train physical and mental toughness that will help in all areas of life by … [Read more...]

2,500 Bodyweight Squats and No Excuses!

2,500 Bodyweight Squats and No Excuses! I talk a lot about training when you can and where ever you can. We are tricked into thinking that we need some type of equipment to get in a brutal workout. Years ago I put the weights down, dropped my bodyweight 85lbs lighter and got physically fit, and I do it everywhere possible. Today I squeezed in 2,500 Bodyweight squats while putting in a 10 … [Read more...]