The Jump Rope can make you Amazingly Athletic

The Jump Rope can make you Amazingly Athletic The jump rope is still not a piece of equipment many people think of as important. If I had a choice to either run for fitness or jump rope, jumping rope is my choice. All the years I trained with weights skipping rope was never ever a thought in my world. If you jumped rope I would have thought you were doing nothing more than a school girl … [Read more...]

Bull Shit! High rep Bodyweight Training will get you strong?

Bull shit! For the past 17 years I have done 99.9 % of my training using high reps. For the experts that tell you calisthenics only condition are so far off, and you know why because most can't stomach through the pain. It's much easier to spend 5 seconds doing heavy bench presses and spend 3 minutes walking back and forth to the water fountain by the big mirrors dropping a triceps pose as they … [Read more...]

The Best Piece of Training Equipment for Building Quickness and Explosiveness

There a lot of sites pushing bodyweight training equipment but the one piece of equipment that has stood the test of time and has built many world champions in almost all sports and it continues to build champions. It builds almost all the things a champion needs to win. It builds explosive power, it builds quickness and agility, and it builds reaction time. The best piece of training … [Read more...]