Punch Proof Abs!

A Brutal exercise I have written about many times is the simple, basic tool the Ab Wheel. The Ab Wheel is a serious strength and conditioning tool, the problem is people find how hard it is and how sore they get then gives up. Lately been working on the Standing Ab Wheel Rollout and as of today managed a TOUGH 37! I no longer do the basic training that most people do, I do very little … [Read more...]

Survival Physical Fitness

Every guy on the planet thinks they are in good enough shape to save their own life. Hey, man if you breathe heavy after you take the stairs or have a tough time getting off the couch you can't save your own life or your family! Survival fitness isn't found in the gym, but you can build a good foundation by getting stronger. A lot of big heavy weight pushers will almost always disagree … [Read more...]

Manual Labor Workout – Strength and Conditioning in One

This was a father and son type challenge. It was testing our strength and conditioning, neither one of has ever done the workout before. We used a 50 to 70 yard hill, an 80 lb heavy bag and 55 lb DB's for farmer walks. Actually the last time I used a dumbell was to move them out of my way, so I guess close to 20 years no dumbell use. I thought carrying the 55lb DB's up the hill were … [Read more...]

My take on Jiu Jitsu and you won’t like it.

My take on Jiu Jitsu and you won’t like it. This will probably piss a lot of people off. But I don’t like Jiu Jitsu. I’m often asked what I think about Jiu Jitsu. I have taken Shotokan, Krav Maga, wrestled, street wrestled and lately Muay Thai Kick boxing but have no desire what so ever to learn Jiu Jitsu. Jiu Jitsu will work one on one, it will work in mma. Jiu Jitsu won’t work on … [Read more...]