If you’re offended so what!

Some people talk about my rants, like I’m supposed to be a sweet person and hug everyone I see. Being positive doesn’t mean I have to except everything that society is pushing. The wildman philosophy is not just a name; a wildman can turn savage without warning. A wildman is unpredictable as I have been my whole life, but people always know where they stand with me. Sorry folks I’m not … [Read more...]

Thousands of reps Build Physical and Mental Toughness

It's rare I write a Sunday email, but sometimes I do things that don't make a lot of sense. Like to some people thousands of reps is useless and will hurt my body over time. I love the experts that tell me my limits, and what my body can handle. Can anyone think of many men that trained doing thousands of reps and have a broken up body? How many men that are in their 20's and 30's train … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – Swiss Ball Squats with an 80 lb Front Chest Pull

Swiss Ball Squats with a 80lb Front Chest Pull Something different that can be done with a swiss ball for building strength and balance.   … [Read more...]

A Lost Strength Secret

Dragging is another lost secret to building a strong athletic body, dragging is a labor exercise that will have you breathing heavy and legs wobbly in a few short seconds. You don’t need any special equipment you can drag a heavy bag or put the heavy bag in a kid’s plastic sled and use a towel as the handle to work on grip strength. You don’t need any special equipment you can drag … [Read more...]

Building Strength with High Rep Bodyweight Training

High rep training is brutal, plain and simple. And the people that say it only conditions the body are out of their minds. The fact is the majority don't have the guts or the will to push themselves through pain associated with high reps. They say it doesn't build strength, how would they know? They don't do near enough to find out and you know why? They are as mentally weak as they are … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – The Never Done Before 1 Arm Weighted Superman Pushup

Ever wonder what you could possibly do if you stop wasting time spreading your focus in so many different directions? To many people waste a ton of time looking for the superior training system. The superior training system is the one that works, the one that get's you the quickest results for your goals. For too many years I looked studied, read and trained with anything and … [Read more...]