Heavy Bag Slams/Ab Wheel Rollouts

Like it or not workouts like this are effective building strength and and a high level of conditioning. 5 - 70 lb Heavy bag slams 10 Ab Wheel Rollouts 10 rounds as fast as possible Strength Builds Toughness Johnny Grube … [Read more...]

Bob Backlund: Ab Wheel / Step ups Will Build Amazing Strength And Conditioning!

It's no secret I am a big fan of  the AB Wheel for building superhuman type core strength. The other night talking to Bob Backlund and asking him about the Ab Wheel and Step ups he told me that the Ab Wheel got him so strong through out his entire body that men used to be so amazed of how his upper body was almost immovable. He also said it is one of the main reasons he can still do the … [Read more...]

Brutal Manual Labor Workout

In the video I am using a hand truck a 120 lb heavy bag, a 40 lb weight vest 10 lb ankle weights that is 180 extra pounds I am dragging up and down a pretty steep 60 yard hill. I did the hill 10 times and it was very tough and it was the first time I done this in training. But I had to drag the heavy bag while wearing the weighted vest and ankle weights about 600 total yards just to get to … [Read more...]

Manual Labor Strength Building!

Manual labor work is a tough line of work, people can mimic the work but the real laborer knows it takes a physical and mental toughness to do it day in and day out. One video shows me dragging out 800lb cans which is a full body workout and when I drag and push two at the same time about 50 yards 10 times is a good workout. The other video shows rolling two cylinders weighing … [Read more...]

Manual Labor keeps a Man Strong!

Never seen before Johnny Grube at work! It's one thing to go to the gym and talk shit it's another to lift things all day long 8 to 12 hours a day 5 days a week. In the video at 165lbs throwing a 175lb cylinder on my shoulder and walking across about 10" of slippery snow. Try grabbing something with no grip, smooth solid and very awkward and shoulder it and walk it over uneven type of … [Read more...]

10 Minutes and this Workout will Cripple you!

10 Minutes and this Workout will Cripple you! I can no longer figure it out. The training methods used today are amazing. Every person selling a program, anyone that has trained for two days are now experts and will tell you why this will work and why this will not work. I have stopped reading most everything on fitness. I will tell you why. After 30 plus years of training and trying … [Read more...]

Over training bullshit! Part 1

Really, over training? When someone gets injured the first thing most people think is they are over training. I do believe people need to rest but the majority really think by treadmill training or kettle bell swinging or doing hundreds of pushups they are over training. All the years I have been training and it's over 30 years my injuries always come from doing something stupid. It wasn't … [Read more...]

Living a Physical Labor Lifestyle

Living a Physical Labor Lifestyle I grew up in a family where my mom and dad earned a living as physical labors. My dad a truck driver furniture mover my mom a packer for the moving company. Everything I grew up around was around being physical. Earning a living as a physical laborer is not easy physically or mentally yet many want to look down on the men and women that actually make the … [Read more...]