Overweight? Athletic or Just Jelly Filled

So if you're fat it's my fault? If you're fat it's societies fault. If you're fat it's genetics. People who get upset and defensive taking on the fight for the fat people have no fight! People make excuses all the time for everything in their lives and blame everyone and  thing. I don't know if you noticed more than half the population is overweight or obese and I'm not talking about … [Read more...]

“Conditioned Strength” Makes A Weak Man Strong and A Strong Man Weak

Here is a workout that will test some physical and mental toughness it's very leg intensive and don't think jumping rope is a rest, all it does is make it harder to jump as the legs get tired: Jump rope 50 times - Do 10 step ups on a 15"bench holding a 50 lb plate for 50 non stop rounds when done you will have done 500 step ups holding a 50 lb plate and have jumped rope 2,500 times I have … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Gym and Mirror Strong!

The bullshit going around in today's sick and weak society is that being ripped and lean is the way to total fitness, guess what?  Not all ripped sculpted physiques are of fit men, ever see a crack head? There was a time real tough men were built strong, fit and not so ripped. The ripped body was a product of I feel in the 1980's when bodybuilding magazines hit the selves. The problem is most … [Read more...]

Complicated Workouts Create Weak Results!

Why is it every person that trains or pretends to train always tries to make a simple concept in to a complicated concept. I really think most people that train think the more complicated a training session is the better the results. For example, I put out short workouts that require little or no equipment with basic full body type movements. I limit the number of exercises in any workout to … [Read more...]

Building Strength with High Rep Bodyweight Training

High rep training is brutal, plain and simple. And the people that say it only conditions the body are out of their minds. The fact is the majority don't have the guts or the will to push themselves through pain associated with high reps. They say it doesn't build strength, how would they know? They don't do near enough to find out and you know why? They are as mentally weak as they are … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – 45lb Backpack Pushup Training

Toughness Builds Winners Johnny Grube www.wildmantraining.com … [Read more...]

Building Explosive bodyweight Strength

Building Explosive bodyweight  Strength Johnny Grube doing explosive plyometric pushup burpees Building explosive bodyweight strength isn't complicated. It's more about taking a simple approach to your training and not over thinking your training.This above exercise is a great way to build a little explosive power into your workout. Doing workouts like the one in the video will … [Read more...]