Bodyweight Training – Strong and fit is a combination of physical and mental capacity

Being strong and fit is a combination of physical and mental capacity. It's tough to be fit and strong with out being strong physically and mentally. Being mentally prepared for a great workout is important, if you are not mentally prepared you will not give it your best. You will be more likely to stop short when the workout becomes the toughest. Before going into your workout have the … [Read more...]

Are you a weak man ?

Are you a weak man ? Most men today are weak and pathetic and that's the way it is, all men want strength and fitness but won't work for it. If more men would get active and do some kind of exercise maybe they could become men again. Most men are so weak they can't even bend over without making a moaning sound and saying " I'm getting old " . … [Read more...]

Thousands of reps Build Physical and Mental Toughness

It's rare I write a Sunday email, but sometimes I do things that don't make a lot of sense. Like to some people thousands of reps is useless and will hurt my body over time. I love the experts that tell me my limits, and what my body can handle. Can anyone think of many men that trained doing thousands of reps and have a broken up body? How many men that are in their 20's and 30's train … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – High Rep Leg Training builds Legendary Conditioning!

High Rep Bodyweight Leg Training builds Legendary Conditioning! Leg training is a brutal type of training that many stay away from. Many think leg training in either running or gym work, and yes this is a form of leg training but leg training is so much more and more brutal than anyone could ever think. Bodyweight training has come a long way, and just as it was making its way back bodyweight … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training 1,000 Star Jumpers 1,000 Step Ups total 9,500 reps for 5 days

1,000 Star Jumpers 1,000 Step Ups on 15” bench total 9,500 reps for 5 days Friday was jump rope 1,000 times and 1,000 pushups, Saturday’s brutal workout was 1,000 star jumpers and 1,000 step ups on 15” bench total time was 1 hour and 25 minutes. Anyone who thinks it might be easy go ahead give it a try. My plan changes from time to time when I train. Today I planned to do 1,000 Star Jumpers … [Read more...]

Wildman How to train for physical and mental toughness

  Toughness Builds Winners   Johnny Grube … [Read more...]

Burpees for Physical and Mental Toughness

Burpees for Physical and Mental Toughness I hear a lot of trainers talking about building mental toughness through training and most talk about running as their way of building mental and physical toughness. I would rather use other means of pushing myself through a little physical and mental pain. If I do run distance I run huge mountain hills or go for a run carrying a 70lb to 100lb … [Read more...]

If Your Mind Fails You, You Lose!

If your mind fails you, you lose! I don’t care how strong you think you are or how fit you think you are if you are mentally weak you will lose, I have talked about this before and think most just want the workouts without the mental toughness but it will do you no good. If your mind rebels and you don’t take control of it you’re going to fail, that’s the big problem today. We have let … [Read more...]

Lead by Example! No Cry Babies

Lead by Example I think that some don’t like when I post some things I do for workouts. I do this because I want to lead by example, and let people know that they can do it too. I think most experts talk a good game, but aren’t really that fit even though they spend all their time training people, some are great most are not. I also hear I don’t really want to help people; I just … [Read more...]

A 1,000 Pushups or a Marathon, What’s Tougher?

A 1,000 Pushups or a Marathon, What’s Tougher?   It seems everyone wants to run a marathon like it’s some kind of great achievement. Walking or running 26 miles would be tough, but how do you explain how every celebrity and ex overweight person can do it? I personally have never wanted to run a marathon because of the sear boredom, if I was to run a marathon I would throw in … [Read more...]