A Short Manual Labor Background.

A lot of people seem to be trying to figure out what type of work I do. Well here it is. I started working at 12 working for contractors cleaning up and breaking rock, worked with roofers ripping off roofs and carrying shingles. Moved furniture on and off through my life as a second job. Some where right about me working at UPS. But, when I was 17 years old I went to work for a freight … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – The Never Done Before 1 Arm Weighted Superman Pushup

Ever wonder what you could possibly do if you stop wasting time spreading your focus in so many different directions? To many people waste a ton of time looking for the superior training system. The superior training system is the one that works, the one that get's you the quickest results for your goals. For too many years I looked studied, read and trained with anything and … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training 1,000 Star Jumpers 1,000 Step Ups total 9,500 reps for 5 days

1,000 Star Jumpers 1,000 Step Ups on 15” bench total 9,500 reps for 5 days Friday was jump rope 1,000 times and 1,000 pushups, Saturday’s brutal workout was 1,000 star jumpers and 1,000 step ups on 15” bench total time was 1 hour and 25 minutes. Anyone who thinks it might be easy go ahead give it a try. My plan changes from time to time when I train. Today I planned to do 1,000 Star Jumpers … [Read more...]

3 Days 5,500 Bodyweight Reps

3 Days 5,500 Bodyweight Reps Sometimes I plan my workouts sometimes they just happen, depending on the kind of time I have. So for the last three days I have done 5,500 bodyweight reps Tuesday 2,500 bodyweight squats, Wednesday 1,000 cargo strap (Atlas Style) pushups and Thursday 2,000 bench dips. The rules I use on myself for the last 3 days was drink water and eat nothing all day while I … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – Work out used by men to survive in California prisons

Work out used by men to survive in California prisons Here is another story of “Real Prison” fitness. You can always tell whether the man writing has actually been in prison, by the terms he uses. The men that write and complain because they were fooled into thinking something is the right way always seem to attack and are fast to jump to defend themselves. So here is a comment posted by … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – California Prison Yard workout.

This post will piss some one off, but I'm fine with that. Was watching a little T.V today and was watching "Prison Gangs" and was watching the way the men were working out. And guess what I seen, pushups, dips, pullups, hand ball, shadow boxing, light running. Guess what I didn't see? One legged anything no pistols, one arm pushups, leg raises, no handstand pushups not even a kettle bell, … [Read more...]

Bodyweight training prison style 1000 pushups,600 curls,do 600 dips,do 1000 situps STRAIGHT, non-stop.

Real Prison Fitness Training Ever since I did blogs about what true prison fitness was actually like and went against the book "Convict Conditioning". I got a lot of people pissed off that bought into the "Convict Conditioning" theory. I was told I don't know what I'm talking about and was told to stay in the gym,in the corner and do curls,hahaha pissed off people that were fooled. On … [Read more...]

Over Training Bullshit Part 2

Like I said in the last post over training is a gym term. For years my dad drove a tractor trailer and moved furniture he drank, smoked and didn't have the greatest diet but he was never sick and worked every day he never called in sore. But most gym trainers get their information from the gym and the people who train there. Most personal trainers can take an online course or a weekend class … [Read more...]

Navy Seal type training or Gymnastic type training

Navy Seal type training or Gymnastic type training I guess I look at training differently than the majority. I look at training as something that can be taken out of the gym and in to the real world.I want training that is going to help me survive. Today's workout's focus on training that requires a big learning curve and to me requires too much time. Progression training is what … [Read more...]

Bull Shit! High rep Bodyweight Training will get you strong?

Bull shit! For the past 17 years I have done 99.9 % of my training using high reps. For the experts that tell you calisthenics only condition are so far off, and you know why because most can't stomach through the pain. It's much easier to spend 5 seconds doing heavy bench presses and spend 3 minutes walking back and forth to the water fountain by the big mirrors dropping a triceps pose as they … [Read more...]