Using “Convict Conditioning” In Prison Will Get You Killed!

Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength! I love when people like to tell me about the book where Paul Wade states that it is For Entertainment Purposes Only! Then states names and histories have been changed! Why did they have to be changed? and said the exercises are valid, and I agree they are valid, but most are useless in a prison environment. Never seen such bullshit! I … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – 10,000 Ring Pushups in 30 Days!

I just completed another 10,000 rep challenge by doing 10,000 ring pushups rings about 7" from the ground feet elevated on a 17" base in 30 days. Why did I do 10,000 ring pushups in 30 days? For building physical and mental toughness and discipline! Johnny Grube using a 75 lb back pack for some "Ring Pushups" I have had rings for years but didn't use them … [Read more...]

A Tough Training Style

Workouts wildman style are in my opinion made for almost any situation if you can stomach them! Had a workout the other day in a kayak, 1 hour time limit and the first 30 minutes I went all out for 1 minute then slow paddle 1 minute for 30 minutes then the last 30 just regular non stop paddling and for anyone that know anything about paddling it's very demanding, it was the first time … [Read more...]

The Jump Rope is a Serious Athletic Building Training Tool

One thing I am glad I decided to learn when I switched from heavy weight training and putting on tons of weight was to learn how to jump rope. Jumping rope was done by a lot of athletes from boxers to wrestlers to football players and when I switched to bodyweight training and wanted to lose 80 lbs I changed the way I trained and the way I ate. One thing I started to do was practice jumping … [Read more...]

Manual Labor Strength Building!

Manual labor work is a tough line of work, people can mimic the work but the real laborer knows it takes a physical and mental toughness to do it day in and day out. One video shows me dragging out 800lb cans which is a full body workout and when I drag and push two at the same time about 50 yards 10 times is a good workout. The other video shows rolling two cylinders weighing … [Read more...]

Working Man’s Strength Builder

A forgotten exercise and if it is done is never done like a  manual labor. In gyms people will put a barbell across their shoulder and do a few reps the bar is balanced thin and the few reps do not mimic the way a laborer works. Now when you throw something unstable on your shoulder and step up and down for a 100 or more reps with out dropping the bag you will be tested. I love the heavy … [Read more...]

A Lost Strength Secret

Dragging is another lost secret to building a strong athletic body, dragging is a labor exercise that will have you breathing heavy and legs wobbly in a few short seconds. You don’t need any special equipment you can drag a heavy bag or put the heavy bag in a kid’s plastic sled and use a towel as the handle to work on grip strength. You don’t need any special equipment you can drag … [Read more...]

Building Strength with High Rep Bodyweight Training

High rep training is brutal, plain and simple. And the people that say it only conditions the body are out of their minds. The fact is the majority don't have the guts or the will to push themselves through pain associated with high reps. They say it doesn't build strength, how would they know? They don't do near enough to find out and you know why? They are as mentally weak as they are … [Read more...]