Weak Men Are Less Valuable Men

I think most men are drawn to strength, it has always been a manly virtue. Weakness has always been looked down on, and whether society is ready to accept weakness as a manly virtue it will never be in my world. I will  NEVER apologize for how I think about weak men! Weak men are more likely to be unemployed. Weak men are led by other weak men. Weak men are NOT capable of thinking for … [Read more...]

Weak Men Who Attack Strong Men

Weakness is societies new strength, people go to weakness and look for the victim status like it's a great virtue! Today we have weak men who play tough guys on social media who try and recreate who they actually are. Weak men attack strong men on social media because they know they are safe, because they will never tell you who they are, they will never post a video and it's because they … [Read more...]

Manual Labor Workout – Strength and Conditioning in One

This was a father and son type challenge. It was testing our strength and conditioning, neither one of has ever done the workout before. We used a 50 to 70 yard hill, an 80 lb heavy bag and 55 lb DB's for farmer walks. Actually the last time I used a dumbell was to move them out of my way, so I guess close to 20 years no dumbell use. I thought carrying the 55lb DB's up the hill were … [Read more...]

Cinder Block Training

If you need a gym to train your options are limited. If you can't find a way to train where ever you are, your training program is weak and limited! In the video I am using a 50 lb cinder block I found and it can be an ass kicking tool and don't be fooled by the light weight.   In the video I did a quick 100 reps on my way to 1,035 in 30 minutes, smashing 855 I did last … [Read more...]

The One Brutal workout everyone hates, but I love!

The One Brutal workout everyone hates, but I love! What’s the one workout everyone has done at least one time in their lives and hate? Furniture moving, anyone who has ever moved or helped someone move knows that it is tough. As a matter of fact unless you are family or a great friend you would probably do whatever you can to avoid helping. Furniture moving is a very demanding type of … [Read more...]

Pure Grit – Paddy Doyle

That's the name of Paddy Doyles new book. He talks about his world records his mind set. I have all his books and videos. If you haven't been listen the last couple years, I'm a big fan. He has a circuit in the book that he uses when he trains for certain world records. Here is what he does. 40 pressups. 100 situps. 100 bodyweight squats. 100 U.K. squat thrusts. 100 burpees. 15 minute static … [Read more...]