Special forces battalion and a whoop ass workout!

A quick email to let you know what the Special Forces is doing with "Ultimate Physical Fitness in 5 Minutes" Your new book has pretty much changed the way I look at fitness, It's been kicking my ass and I love every minute of it. I've been doing workouts out of it for my entire special forces battalion and we can't get enough of it. You have pretty much designed the best work-outs I … [Read more...]

Why locking out and using a full range of motion can be crippling!

Why locking out and using a full range of motion can be crippling! Remember you read it here first. Locking out and a full range of motion could be the reason for most injuries over time. First question, when you walk do you lock out at the knee with every movement? Second question, do you walk using a full range of motion? When you stand do you stand knees locked? When you walk are … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – 50 Suspension dips on chains

I'm a big believer in using what you have to build a strong and productive body in all environments. I also think that we need creativity to stay motivated to continue to make gains and to keep the mind fresh. In the video I'm doing some dips using chains from a piece of equipment in a park. I rarely do dips on anything other than a dip rack, but these were tough. Because the chains move my … [Read more...]

Skip Your Next Meal, It Won’t Kill You!

Skip Your Next Meal, It Won’t Kill You! We are constantly hearing from experts and doctors don’t skip meals if you want to lose weight. I disagree. The experts want you to eat five or six times small meals a day for weight loss. The concept is that by eat five or six small meals a day will keep you from being hungry and will keep your metabolism high. What the experts don’t tell you is … [Read more...]

Blue Collar DNA

Blue Collar DNA Is it possible to have blue collar DNA? We all know we can’t change our DNA, but what about the way you are brought up. Our country was built on blue collar DNA meaning nothing was easy it was a fight every single day. Some people are just brought up to be blue collar and some are brought up to be white collar but the funny thing is, is that our bodies are made to … [Read more...]

The Basics Build Over all Conditioning

Most people think that building a high level of physical fitness and strength comes from training when they feel like it. Physical fitness never has or never will be built on a when I feel like training attitude. True physical fitness is built over a life time of sweat and punishment and the rewards are amazing. Everyday I have people emailing me and telling me how just changing a few … [Read more...]

The Greatest thing about Pushups

The greatest thing about pushups is the versatility. Pushups are still one of the greatest exercises and always will be. Just the fact that you can do hundreds of different pushups working the body from almost every angle known to man makes the pushup a great tool for complete physical fitness. If you used pushups and sprints or jumping rope and never did anything else you would … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – Tough Workout

Try this workout but only if you are physically fit Wearing a 40lb weight vest jump rope 500 times non stop no rest move right on to plyo pushups to a object at least 8" wearing 5lb wrist weights. Simple with the weights on your wrist you explode on to the platform drop back down for 20 reps. I finished off with a secret exercise never seen before anywhere! Talk about an F'n … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – Killer Functional Exercise

Build total body functional strength with the wall walk. It's not as easy as you might think. It takes a whole body effort to stay straight and to just complete just a short distance. Try it but don't let it fool you. Just before the video the workout I did was jump rope 250 times wall walk half the wall jump rope 250 times walk the other half. Then jumped rope 250 times walk back half way. … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – Beach Sprinting

Today I worked out in Ocean City NJ on the beach in the soft sand. I thought that working in the sand would be a struggle because I don't workout in this environment. I live in higher elevation and train in the mountains. I like to try different training situations and see how the training in the mountains compare to other areas I train in. The sand had nothing for me, I ran rough shot … [Read more...]