Bodyweight Training – Strong and fit is a combination of physical and mental capacity

Being strong and fit is a combination of physical and mental capacity. It's tough to be fit and strong with out being strong physically and mentally. Being mentally prepared for a great workout is important, if you are not mentally prepared you will not give it your best. You will be more likely to stop short when the workout becomes the toughest. Before going into your workout have the … [Read more...]

Shut the f*** up wildman!

Fictional Training This is a comment I got on my blog about convict conditioning I  guess I really hurt this scum bags feelings and the reason is people want a super hero story instead of the real truth. Author : you are ignorant E-mail : URL    : Whois  : Comment: Wow, having spent six years in prison I can … [Read more...]

Something I hear time and time again!

Something I hear time and time again Something I hear time and time again is how this guy or that guy is charging too much for a DVD or book. Do people think it's easy to write a book and make DVD's spend the time and energy marketing and creating products just to give it away? The difference between a serious student of fitness and the never will be's are the complainers. It's the … [Read more...]

A Rarely used Strength Secret

A Rarely used Strength Secret Most trainers and strength coaches all over the world use a few strength building exercises, the squat, the dead lift, the power clean for over all body power. These are great strength builders, but how effective are they really? And do they promise all the hype of real strength building? I will tell you there is a better way of building overall body … [Read more...]

Why locking out and using a full range of motion can be crippling!

Why locking out and using a full range of motion can be crippling! Remember you read it here first. Locking out and a full range of motion could be the reason for most injuries over time. First question, when you walk do you lock out at the knee with every movement? Second question, do you walk using a full range of motion? When you stand do you stand knees locked? When you walk are … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – My Workout Draws Attention From Local Police

My Workout Draws Attention From Local Police I want to tell you about a training session I had in a strange place that drew the attention of the local police. Last week my company vehicle broke down under an overpass, so while I was waiting for road service I figured I’d get in a workout. The great thing about bodyweight training, when you want a great workout and there is no equipment … [Read more...]

Blue Collar DNA

Blue Collar DNA Is it possible to have blue collar DNA? We all know we can’t change our DNA, but what about the way you are brought up. Our country was built on blue collar DNA meaning nothing was easy it was a fight every single day. Some people are just brought up to be blue collar and some are brought up to be white collar but the funny thing is, is that our bodies are made to … [Read more...]

Here are a few crazy thoughts!

Here are a few crazy thoughts I believe in training for real life. The way the body is used in everyday activity is the way it should be trained. I hear so much talk about injury and how to prevent injury, why are we talking about injury? What we focus on we tend to get more of, focus on injury and injury prevention are you really going to get the results you want? If every time you … [Read more...]

The Basics Build Over all Conditioning

Most people think that building a high level of physical fitness and strength comes from training when they feel like it. Physical fitness never has or never will be built on a when I feel like training attitude. True physical fitness is built over a life time of sweat and punishment and the rewards are amazing. Everyday I have people emailing me and telling me how just changing a few … [Read more...]

The Greatest thing about Pushups

The greatest thing about pushups is the versatility. Pushups are still one of the greatest exercises and always will be. Just the fact that you can do hundreds of different pushups working the body from almost every angle known to man makes the pushup a great tool for complete physical fitness. If you used pushups and sprints or jumping rope and never did anything else you would … [Read more...]