Bodyweight Training – Strong and fit is a combination of physical and mental capacity

Being strong and fit is a combination of physical and mental capacity. It's tough to be fit and strong with out being strong physically and mentally. Being mentally prepared for a great workout is important, if you are not mentally prepared you will not give it your best. You will be more likely to stop short when the workout becomes the toughest. Before going into your workout have the … [Read more...]

FREE Gym Membership

FREE gym membership In every city in America this country has free gym memberships available to anyone who wants them. Where can you find these free gym memberships? All you have to do is open up your front door and walk outside. The outdoors is the biggest gym of all, nature’s gym is all you need to get your body the way you want it. Creativity, imagination and the will to use nature to … [Read more...]

Shut the f*** up wildman!

Fictional Training This is a comment I got on my blog about convict conditioning I  guess I really hurt this scum bags feelings and the reason is people want a super hero story instead of the real truth. Author : you are ignorant E-mail : URL    : Whois  : Comment: Wow, having spent six years in prison I can … [Read more...]

Ab Training for the Misinformed!

Why does every expert chime in and tell me when I do an exercise to do it a way that the abs get more work? #1 All my workouts incorporate my core. #2 I very rarely do any ab isolation movements. #3 I do NOT care about getting a six pack. #4 Unless the man or woman telling me has a super strong core and I'm not talking about a couple of minutes of the "Plank" I don't want to hear from them. … [Read more...]

Special forces battalion and a whoop ass workout!

A quick email to let you know what the Special Forces is doing with "Ultimate Physical Fitness in 5 Minutes" Your new book has pretty much changed the way I look at fitness, It's been kicking my ass and I love every minute of it. I've been doing workouts out of it for my entire special forces battalion and we can't get enough of it. You have pretty much designed the best work-outs I … [Read more...]

Something I hear time and time again!

Something I hear time and time again Something I hear time and time again is how this guy or that guy is charging too much for a DVD or book. Do people think it's easy to write a book and make DVD's spend the time and energy marketing and creating products just to give it away? The difference between a serious student of fitness and the never will be's are the complainers. It's the … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training Forget The Pushups Train the Legs!

To many men worry about working the upper body to look pretty or intimidating but the real work and benefits come from hammering the legs with strength and speed and jump training. The legs are the foundation for a great athlete. Leg training builds the powerful foundation needed to excel in almost all sports and in real life for functional fitness. Training legs is brutal and is the … [Read more...]

Bodyweight training – A quick morning pick me up

Early morning workout can and will energize you for the day not to mention once it's done it's done unless you want to do one in the evening. My early morning pick me up took all of 4:00 minutes. 25 Wildman Plyo Jumpers 50 bench dips 4 rounds non stop total 100 WPJ 200 bench dips not bad for 4:00 minutes try it   Toughness Builds Winners Johnny Grube … [Read more...]

Felon Fitness

I'm a collector of books. I have so many health and fitness books on many topics but few are worth while. But I do believe that I can learn at least one thing in any book that can improve something some where. Some times these books just give me a refreshing look at a different angle. As far a FELON FITNESS goes I like it, I think the men in the pictures were ex con's. Either way the … [Read more...]

Training is a priority!

The only way to build true physical fitness is to train your body to be physically fit. It seems like a no brainier, but most people want the most complicated training regime they can find. Most think by using 40 different exercises in a workout will build the ultimate body and build over the moon conditioning. Try keeping track of more than 5 different exercises as you get farther in … [Read more...]